6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Discover Range Of 6 Speed Automatic Transmissions

Do you want to achieve high performance and fuel economy for your car? Are you worried about performance of your car and looking for upgrading it or other solution? Speed, performance and fuel economy of car or vehicle is associated with its transmission. You can enhance performance by replacing existing transmission by powerful transmission. If you go through automobile industry, you will find that most powerful and sports cars use 6 speed transmissions. You can opt for 6 speed automatic transmission if you want more comfort for driving. Automatic 6 speed transmission handles shifting of gears automatically. In this transmission gears are shifted in gear ratios ranging from one to six.
Automatic transmission does not require clutch pedal. Automatic transmission gives relief to the driver from shifting gears frequently.. Automatic transmission gears are shifted according to speed of vehicle.6 speed transmission offers combination of fuel economy and power to the vehicle.

Automatic transmissions are priced higher than manual transmissions. However, you can choose automatic transmission rebuild to decline your replacement costs. Rebuilt auto transmissions save money than buying new transmission. You will find many rebuilt auto transmissions at our store.

You can save lot of money on replacement and repairs by taking care of automatic transmission repair timely. You can diagnose simple problems in transmission and repair it in time to avoid future losses. Here are some tips to identify and repair automatic transmission problems –
  • First, you should know parts and working basics of automatic transmission. Torque converter in auto transmission is mechanical and fluid coupling similar to clutch pedal in standard transmission. The defects in clutch converter cannot allow vehicle at low speed or reverse. If the transmission is full of clean fluid, it is problem of converter.
  • Check pump-pressure, if transmission is not moving. Check transmission filter as dirty filter can cause low-pressure problems.
  • One of the common problems is delayed shifting or harsh shifting of gears. This may be due to sticking of valves in the valve body. The solution for this is to add good shift conditioner and servicing transmission.
You can implement these tips for 6 speed automatic transmission repair and maintenance.

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